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   The company behind Mind's Eye Theatre

   An international LARP organisation from White Wolf.

   The Camarilla organisation of Europe.
    Camarilla Australia
    Camarilla Belgium
    Camarilla France
    Camarilla Germany
    Camarilla Ireland
    Camarilla Italy
    Camarilla Scotland
    Camarilla The Netherlands
    Camarilla United Kingdom [old]

    UK Masquerade Webpage

Vampire: The Maquerade Resources
   Genealogy, FAQ, Time line, Blood lines etc.
    Highly recommended.

White Wolf Storytellers Resources
   A WoD fonts, handouts, resources, time-lines and links.

Vampire the Masquerade FAQ
   A comprehensive FAQ over vampire.

Patman's Gateway to the World of Darkness
   Interesting site with lots of reading for the hungry.

B. J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness
   A huge archive of resources and rules for WoD.

White Wolf Graphics
   Vampire, Mage, Werewolf, Changeling logos, symbols

Lothayn's WoD Page
   Discipline and clan rulings.

Lady Mox's WoD Graphics Page
   Graphics, Sounds, Downloads and more.

Tha Hall of Sorrows
   House Rules, NPC Generator, Downloads, Humor and more.
   Everything there is to know about blood magic.

   Various texts about the kindred society.

Sanguinus Curae
   Various resources for Vampire: The Masquerade.

Anarchs Unite!!!!
   A network for WoD anarchs.

Swedish History in Mage
   A WoD history over Sweden.

WoD Mod
   Mod for Vampire: The Redemption.

WoD Vampire Mod: Salvation
   Clans, Disciplines, Mechanics factory.

MET LoN Revised: Sects, Clans and Bloodlines
   Complete texts from Laws of the Night: Revised.

Classic Games: Rock, paper, Scissors
   Your favourite rock, paper, scissor simulator!

The Official Rock Paper Scissor Strategy Guide
   Yup, you don't need glasses. Here it's all unrevieled.
   A must read! It's not random! :-)

Clan pages
    Brujah Hangout
    Clan Brujah
    Clanbook Ventrue
    Gangrel Hut
    Nosferatus Crypt
    The Noblemans Table
    Tremere Chantry Blue Mountain
    Tzimisce Antitribu
   Aachen (Germany)
   Annecy (France)
   Antwerpen (Belgium)
   Augsburg (Germany)
   Berlin (Germany)
   Bonn (Germany)
   Caen (France)
   Cambridge (United Kingdom)
   Cambridge (United States)
   Cheshire (United Kingdom)
   Copenhagen (Denmark)
   Croydon (United Kingdom)
   Denver (Colorado)
   Dortmund (Germany)
   Dortmund/Herne (Germany)
   Dundee (United Kingdom)
   Dunkerque (France)
   Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
   Essen (Germany)
   Essen (Germany)
   Farmers Branch
   Fife (United Kingdom)
   Flensburg (Germany)
   Freibrug (Germany)
   Fulda (Germany)
   Gent (Belgium)
   Glasgow (United Kingdom)
   Grain Valley
   Greenwich (United Kingdom)
   Grenoble (France)
   Guildford (United Kingdom)
   Hamburg (Germany)
   Helsinki (Finland)
   Idstein (Germany)
   Ingolstadt (Germany)
   Issy-les-Moulineaux (France)
   Kansas City
   Konstanz (Germany)
   London (United Kingdom)
   London, Eastern (United Kingdom)
   London, Ontario (United Kingdom)
   Lyon (France)
   Maxwell AFB
   Michigan, South Eastern (United States)
   München, Symphonie (Germany)
   München, Old (Germany)
   Münster (Germany)
   New York City
   North Hampshire (United Kingdom)
   Nice (France)
   Oldenburg (Germany)
   Orléans (France)
   Oxford (United Kingdom)
   Paris (France)
   Portsmouth (United Kingdom)
   Saint-Etienne (France)
   Saint John (Canada)
   Stafford (United Kingdom)
   Stratford (United Kingdom)
   St Louis
   Strasbourg (France)
   Terre Haute
   Teutoburg (Germany)
   Toronto (Canada)
   Weisbaden (Germany)
   West Valley City
   West-Vlaanderen (Belgium)
   Würzburg (Germany)
   Zweibrücken (Germany)